We are islaverde®


Islaverde is a brand of the Polish company Segura, a producer of vegan dietary food dedicated to B2B. We use a unique technology of cryogenic grinding of natural plant ingredients, including high-fat coconut and cocoa beans. We produce meal replacement ketogenic drinks, soups in the form of powders to be mixed with water and also very energizing keto snack bars and chocolates. From these specially selected products, we compose the most effective slimming diets known as VLCKD (very low calorie ketogenic diet).



The Benefits of islaverde® Keto Products

Currently, the most popular meals on the market are balanced in terms of carbohydrate, protein and fat content. When creating our products, we decided to drastically reduce their carbohydrate content, while increasing the number of healthy fats (MCTs and others). For example, dark chocolate has around 45 g of carbs and 40 g of fat, while our ceremonial grade cacao has just 20 g of carbs and as much as 57 g of fat, including MCT. The particularly good impact of this nutrition model on human health has been confirmed by research in scientific publications and clinical trials.


What kind of nutrition to choose?

Unless you are vegan, we strongly recommend you an improved version of the Mediterranean Diet – the Spanish Mediterranean Ketogenic Diet (SMKD). Tested on large groups of people, this healthy diet can be used for years to come, providing all the necessary nutrients, cleansing the body and postponing its ageing process. Therefore, the proportions of macronutrients in the islaverde® keto food & diets products are similar to those of SMKD (although islaverde® only contains vegan ingredients).