Segura is a private Polish company registered in Warsaw in 1988 and until recently it has been continuously run as a family business by two shareholders since 1991. In early 2020, two new shareholders joined our team, who intensely cared for advanced marketing and activities in social media.

The nourishing islaverde® powder blends with a shelf life of over 12 months contain only natural ingredients and are GMO- and gluten-free. Along with the whey WPC-80 proteins, as well as high-quality pea and rice proteins – they build a basis for a complete Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet menu – a total meal replacement plan for rapid and effective weight loss, with a very good impact on human health. Our new product range islaverde® Keto Food & Diets that is based on natural vegan ingredients is meant to aid in weight control after completing a ketogenic LCKD diet. It represents a modern functional model of nutrition.

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Cryo-technology in Grinding

Currently, Segura’s range of activity includes manufacturing and trade. The company specializes in cold-processing (at temperatures below 25°C) and cryogenic grinding (at temperatures reaching – 100°C) plant raw materials that are exceptionally rich in fat (MCTs and EFAs), water-insoluble fibre, polyphenols and plants with a very high ORAC number. Due to the application of cryo-technology in grinding – the only technology capable of achieving the highest degree of plant cell walls fragmentation – the plant materials are ultra-fine milled, which increases the antioxidant capacity and bioavailability of all valuable bioactive plant substances and nutrients.


Based in Warsaw, Poland

The production division of the company is located in a newly built production facility nearby Warsaw. The factory is provided with modern equipment, such as a cryogenic mill and a cost-efficient installation for supplying liquid nitrogen. The company also has a pilot installation for low-temperature drying, a large drying chamber and a microwave vacuum sterilizer. The equipment includes a pharmaceutical double movement powder mixer and a packing machine for powders. The company’s products are stored and distributed from an air-conditioned warehouse for finished products.


Free of Contaminants

Many of our products have organic certificates (issued by AGRO BIO TEST Sp. z o.o.). The sensory, physicochemical, microbiological tests and the tests verifying the content of contaminants, with a particular focus on heavy metals content, were carried out by the company SGS Polska Sp. z o.o.