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When you limit the amount of carbs in the diet, you trigger metabolic changes that lead to ketosis. The liver then begins to burn body fat and convert it into ketone bodies – an alternative source of energy. Ketones successfully replace insulin in the blood stream, which was previously needed to transport glucose to the body’s cells. A drop in insulin and ghrelin levels (the latter is the. appetite hormone), reduces the feeling of hunger. From this moment onward, the body also begins to effectively reduce its fatty tissue. At the same time the process of autophagy is triggered, which leads to the detoxification of the body.

The islaverde® Benefits

Easy Weight Loss

You can achieve 5-6% Estimated Body Weight Loss (EBWL) in less than a week. All you need to do is complete a 6-day Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet (LCKD) called Perfect, as it meets the requirements of the latest EU regulation 2017/1798 on low-calorie and very-low-calorie diets. The Perfect LCKD diet can also be extended up to 9 days, which is especially recommended for obese people and those with a sedentary lifestyle. The keto drinks and soups used in this diet replace all meals for 6-9 days.

See below a list of 6 scientifically-proven benefits of ketogenic nutrition and lifestyle.


Food & Diets Benefits

Weight-loss support
and appetite
of insulin
Achieving a state
of metabolic
Brain function

The islaverde® Benefits

Easy Weight Management

A ketogenic diet can aid in weight control in several ways, including boosting your
metabolism and reducing appetite. The diet is very high in healthy fats which reduce hunger-stimulating hormones and which are particularly filling. Lack of hunger is a typical symptom of ketosis. Maintaining this state requires very specific and specially prepared meals, while widely available highly-processed foods must be excluded. That’s why islaverde® Keto Foods are so convenient. This easily prepared meal-replacement product can be a substitute for breakfast, snack or pre-workout meal. However, you will still need to prepare at least 2 of your favourite ketogenic meals yourself.

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Benefits of Keto Foods & Diets

Ketogenic diets have been controversial for decades. Some nutritionists argue that they raise cholesterol levels and cause cardiovascular disease due to their high-fat content. However, numerous scientific studies and clinical trials have demonstrated, that keto diets bear a number of benefits for human health.

For more information on this topic, check also the scientific publications listed below.