Diets for Weight Loss

You can achieve 5-6% EBWL (Estimated Body Weight Loss) in less than a week. All you need to do is to choose a 6-day Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet called Perfect, as this diet meets the requirements of the latest EU regulation 2017/1798. The Perfect LCKD diet can also be extended up to 9 days, which is especially recommended for obese people and those with a sedentary lifestyle. The keto drinks and soups in this diet replace all meals for 6-9 days.

Food for Weight Control

If you want to stay in ketosis longer, then it’s best to choose the Cyclic Ketogenic Diet (CKD) or the dietary strategy called Intermittent Fasting (IF). For this type of nutrition, we recommend a full islaverde® keto food product range: soups, drinks, energy bars and energy gels. It is also a healthy solution for people suffering from a chronic lack of time: to prepare meals you only need to mix the powders with water.


Keto Food & Diets Facts

Weight Loss
Less Cravings
Better Health
Burn Fat
Get Lean
Feel Better