Ketogenic facts


Our Keto Story

A few years ago we set up our new plant and launched the production of very-low-calorie ketogenic diets manufactured with cryogenic grinding technology. Our 5-9-day LCKD diet helps lose up to 9% of body weight, so it quickly became popular. We also prepared a new product line meant to help maintain a new weight: islaverde® Keto Food. It features drinks, soups, bars and snacks that can replace 1-3 meals a day. They are especially popular with busy people who often gain weight.

Target keto

Our mission is to convince you to eat healthy and tasty food that will cause metabolic changes allowing you to control your weight once and for all. It’s important to know that your hormones have a big influence on your appetite, satiety and fat storage. Scientists have proven that ketogenic meals cause beneficial hormonal changes that lead to a natural reduction in appetite and thus a reduction in the energy value of ingested food. Now 1,700 kcal of the daily ketogenic diet will replace 2,500 kcal of a “balanced diet”.

The islaverde® Product Range

Food for Weight Control

If you want to stay in ketosis longer, then it’s best to choose the Cyclic Ketogenic Diet (CKD) or the dietary strategies called Intermittent Fasting (IF) or Time Restricted Eating (TRE). For this type of nutrition, we recommend a full islaverde® Keto Food product range: soups, drinks, energy bars and energy snacks. It is also a healthy solution for people suffering from a chronic lack of time: to prepare meals you only need to mix the powders with water.


Islaverde Product Range