Ceremonial Cacao

General Information:

We are pleased to present you organic Ceremonial Cocoa, produced by our Polish Company in two forms: as pieces of raw chocolate for direct consumption and as a finely ground powder that can be used to make drinks, chocolate or creams. Both products are packaged in 400-gram doypacks with string closures and both have the same nutritional value.

These are relatively new ketogenic products with high growth potential, mainly due to their special health-promoting values, including naturally immunizing.

Cocoa, known as “ceremonial,” is obtained exclusively from raw, organically grown cocoa beans. Cocoa beans are first fermented and dried in the sun and then, after the husks are separated, they are ground in a grindstone mill – just as the Incas, the Peruvian Indians, did centuries ago, albeit by hand. The cocoa mass obtained by primitive grinding was used to prepare the ritual Andean “Drink of the Gods”.

Our unique raw Ceremonial Cocoa is made using a modern process of cryogenic grinding (at -80°C) of crushed cocoa beans, called nibs, from organic farming in Peru.

Every day we can grind up to 2000 kg of raw material (about 5000 doypacks). Only this method of processing sensitive plant material makes it possible to obtain a final product in the form of a very fine powder that retains all the valuable nutrients and the original taste and typical aroma of the highest quality Peruvian cocoa.

To obtain ceremonial cocoa in pieces, we heat the cocoa powder to 43°C and then press, cool and break it. In our technology we deliberately omitted the processes of conching and tempering as they require high temperatures. To prepare the Andean “Drink of the Gods”, the famous “Elixir de los Dioses”, it is enough to dissolve pieces of crushed Ceremonial Cocoa in boiling milk or water. The drink can also be made from ground cocoa.

Cocoa powder can also easily be used to make delicious homemade raw chocolate: simply sweeten the powder, preferably with low-glycemic sugarsuch as coconut sugar, and then heat the resulting mixture slightly. Depending on individual taste preferences, dried fruits, nuts or spices can also be added to the chocolate.

Nutrition Information:
Ceremonial Cacao [100 g]100% Dark
Energy (kJ)2805
Energy (kcal)678
Far (g)52
of which saturates (g)30
Carbohydrate (g)29
of which sugars (g)1,5
Fibre (g)23
Protein (g)12
Salt (g)0,15
Does dark chocolate improve health and boost immunity?

India’s former health minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, recently recommended on a TWITTER forum the regular consumption of specific portions of dark chocolate as an effective remedy for overcoming pandemic stress.

The results of research conducted on the properties of dark chocolate suggest that it has a very beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and the digestive tract, as well as on the alleviation of stress, which may indirectly also strengthen the immune system.

This amazing health-promoting effect of dark chocolate is attributed to the valuable plant active substances, so-called phytonutrients, contained in raw cocoa, and these are mainly antioxidants, flavanols and theobromine from the alkaloid family. Also important essential amino acids such as tryptophan and a number of valuable micronutrients, as magnesium, are present in its basic raw material.

Researchers found that consuming 40 grams of dark chocolate a day for two weeks would lower levels of cortisol – the stress hormone – as well as levels of catecholamines, commonly known as fight-or-flight hormones, which act within the autonomic nervous system.

Consumption of dark chocolate in amounts recommended by researchers improves mood, lowers blood pressure, regulates metabolic processes, causes a decrease in “bad” LDL cholesterol in the blood and has a beneficial effect on microbial activity in the intestines. Characteristic properties of dark chocolate are antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, as well as relieving hypertension and thus stress.

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and nutrients for boosting immunity and protecting cells from health-threatening free radicals. The valuable phytonutrients it contains also show potential to inhibit specific enzymes or proteases in the virus. Flavanols present in dark chocolate have been observed to have the ability to block the activity of a major protease (MPro) in the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This action, as a result, can slow or limit the replication or spread of the virus and prevent its transmission.

Unfortunately, chocolate companies often intentionally remove flavanols from the processed raw material because of their bitter taste. Therefore, it is safest to consume ceremonial cocoa, obtained in a low-temperature process that guarantees the preservation of all the valuable micro- and macronutrients contained in the cocoa bean – Theobroma cacao – the main ingredient of chocolate.

Ceremonial Cacao Dark: 100% Peruvian dried cocoa nibs cryogenically ground.