Vegan Bars

General Information:

Our offer includes also special energy bars in 4 flavors: cocoa, strawberry, coffee and hazelnut. The bars are vegan and do not contain gluten and lactose. The composition of the products includes only healthy natural ingredients with carbohydrate content below 10 grams/bar. We have replaced the commonly used whey proteins with rice proteins. MCT-fats come from cryogenically ground coconut flesh. All bars provide an excellent taste and we recommend to eat them in the morning or before workout.

Packaging and use:

In a cardboard box you will find 21 bars, 7 pieces of each flavour. It’s a typical on-the-go-food that you can eat straight from the packet, even while racing.

Nutrition Information:
Bars Nutrition (50 g)HazelnutStrawberryCoffee
Energy (kJ / kcal)858 / 205870 / 208795 / 190
Fat (g)16.717.117.1
of which saturates (g)9.711.311.3
Carbohydrate (g)
of which sugars (g)
Fibre (g)
Protein (g)
Salt (g)0.0550.0550.055
  • flaxseed
  • Erythritol (a sweetener)
  • Inulin
  • Desiccated coconut
  • Coconut oil
  • Arabica ground coffee
  • Protein-concentrate rice cake
  • Psyllium husk
  • Himalayan salt
  • Natural flavours
Keto Recipes:
Sample Menu:
BreakfastVegan Drink 40 g
Vegan Keto Bar* 50 g
210 kcal
205 kcal
Morning SnackVegan Drink 40 g210 kcal
LunchVegan Soup 40 g200 kcal
Afternoon SnackSelected meals from culinary recipes (see Keto Recipes)450 kcal
DinnerSelected meals from culinary recipes (see Keto Recipes)450 kcal
 Total:1725 kcal

*1 pc. extra before workout